The Human Factor

  • ‘Avoidable inaction’ cause 3 times more cost (76B GBP pa) to British Businesses than even cyber crime and sick leaves.
  • 72% of transformation programs fail due to lack of leadership support and people’s resistance to change.
  • Most individuals know what to do, how to do and still do not do it. Why?
  • Do entrepreneurs suffer more than their teams due to inaction?

So what do we do about it? What can create sustained change? What is the difference between motivation and drive, transformation and change, results and sustained success? 


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What We Do


We work together with decision makers to provide clarity, validation, roadmaps and focused alignment to ensure they are not just on the right strategy, the achieve their goals to the fullest. This is measured and benchmarked with valuable data available on the human behavioural aspects. Let us talk in more detail.

Teams & Organisations

What would “team emotional intelligence” mean to you and your team? How would smoother alignment speed up your organisational achievements? How do we amplify the human in the team and the organism in the organisation towards sustained growth? Talk to us to know more.


Transforming one person at a time, with certainty and clarity. The power of an individual is generally under estimated by the individual herself. Why is it easier to fall into a spiral of missing steps towards your dreams? Do you know that the more important our goals are, the more the average person delays achieving them? Sounds counter-intuitive, isn’t it? We ensure this does not happen – let us tell you how.

Explore and Talk

Team Demo

Available both online and in-person, this is our super-popular option to get a real taste of the power of alignment towards the next step in your journey, both as an individual and as a team. We have done this at the end of team meetings / calls, at quarterly/annual get-togethers, and at crisis times too – the common result being a highly focused team eager to achieve their immediate goals with certainty. How does that happen? Talk to us to know more.


A value-loaded session where we sit over a coffee and look at industry-wide solutions and provide you a relative position on issues faced by peer and competitor firms, maturity curve for execs, and understand the deeper issues you and your team may have with limited visible symptoms. We show you scientific methods to ensure quality of communication and stay away from trends of failure – trends have a deeper story to say than events. There are immediate take-aways from this discussion itself. Find out more!

Wisdom Hub

The best of our complimentary resources collated for you – video courses, workbooks and tools, highest rated articles and much more.


Case Studies

Automotive IT team with suboptimal results

Trend of suboptimal delivery with COO leaving the firm – Step8Up worked alongside the COO with culture assessment and newer drivers to release potential human resistance and management communication leading to project recovery and new opportunities. Speak to us for more details.

Sales team struggling over missed targets

3 quarters of missed targets while competition thrived  – potential loss of client – Step8Up carried out a culture assessment, improvement management communication, correlated with org KPI and supported Team to come back to target, retain a major client and continue a new project too in 3 months. Talk to us to know more.

Direction for mid-career management executive

Mid-career management executive feeling directionless – Step8Up delivered “Lasting Change in 3 Months” and leading to measurable improvement in career and health (verified by doctors). We have repeated this across the world within two virtual workshops and a 3 month support program. Talk to us to understand how.




What Others Say

“Believing that I can gain & control of my future by refocusing the way how I think about my past and present”

Magdalena Korytkowska Laros Hospice

“Now is the edge of Change”

Mark Platt Incite Consulting

I have learned how important of a tool the mind actually is! It has also opened my eyes to how much I procrastinate & how fundamentally crucial it is to have vision with micro steps.


“A reminder to think more in the present”

Karyn Murray

“More focus and understanding of how procrastination works and the cycle of how failure occurs. Powerful, Powerful Session. Thank you for your time!”

Shahbraz Johan

“I can now visualise where my downfalls are and what I can do to overcome them”

Lewis Sharpe

“To refocus – my mind set, what focus on enlarge, I create my future: what I think becomes my reality”

Sharon Momma B’s Caribbean Cuisine

“Learnt that 90% of the time during the day we spend thinking about the past as opposed to the present and future”

Kevin Lav

“Yogi helped us understand failure cycles, why we procrastinate and some of the ways to be more productive. I think this program will help all my staff to gain total focus and increase productivity in the business.”

V. Arvinda Director at Colab Loughborough

Hi Yogi, Thank you for the workshop you kindly provided.  It was very enlightening and refreshing to have a great facilitator who challenges you what and when you get business done.  I would thoroughly recommend Yogi to help you get a clear head and direction of where you need to go!

Nitin Thakrar Managing Director, eLearning Studios



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