What, Who, Why

We provide actionable strategic solutions with an implementation timeline, for mid-size to large firms, derived from real-life data modelling, business diagnosis, amalgamated with people's opinion and behaviours, especially in times of change and innovation. We cover automotive (& related), innovation and technology (please see sector focus below).

Our productised outputs include market insights, business modelling, leadership workshops & more (see below).

Our clients are decisive leaders in mid-sized and large firms who appreciate the quality-level of the top consultancies balanced with the agility, affordability and hunger-for-proof of a smaller player.

They appreciate measurable, time-bound results at par the quality-level and below the cost-level of a large consulting firm.

Our custom contracts cover innovation management, strategic analysis and forecasting, revenue model validation, business management solutions and more, tailored to your needs.

We exist to help leaders execute data-supported people-oriented growth solutions in changing market conditions.


Sector Focus

We focus on businesses that include and overlap automotive, connected technologies, transportation including urban mobility, fleet and electric vehicles.

Related industries also include leisure and tourism that are adopting innovative solutions, or are struggling in the current economic environment and would use leverage innovative solutions.

In addition to legacy data models, we lean on Artificial Intelligence and predictive modelling for the above sectors and industries (which historically have lagged behind in growth in tech).

Sector Focus - Step8Up Strategy

Productised Services

These are fixed-fee standardised services that include the steps:

  1. Brief consultative discussion (via web calls or in person)
  2. Online proposal within 24 hours with a fixed-fee fixed-duration contract
  3. Review call and online contract signature with a start date agreed
  4. Agile + hybrid execution with weekly / as-needed reviews
  5. Closure review and next steps

Productised services available and done for clients:

  1. "Navigate Brexit" Workshop: impact analysis and custom roadmap
  2. Automotive residual value forecasting
  3. Business Modelling and Innovation Workshop (hot seller!)
  4. Visual dashboards for complex data decisions, C-suite ready
  5. Investor readiness analysis
  6. Market analysis and insights, white-paper creation
  7. Differentiation consulting, business model review
  8. Advanced spreadsheet modelling with forecasting
  9. End-to-end program and project management

Customised Services

Strategy Solutions Step8Up

Strategy Solutions

While keeping our sector focus as outlined above, we assist clients in analysing and creating long-term strategic and short-term tactical solutions, driven by data and people in the client's organisation and verified with minimum viable product models. We include and are not limited to:

  • Crisis and risk strategy
  • Revenue model and customer value proposition validation
  • Growth strategy analysis and implementation
  • Stakeholder management strategy
  • 5 - 10 year impact on your business from urban mobility & future fleets, including electric vehicles and connected cars


With our extensive work with scale-ups and entrepreneurs, we provide customised solutions for:

  • Differentiation consulting
  • Business model validation
  • Investor readiness
  • On-demand board member advice
  • And more...

Grow and Scale - Step8Up Strategy

Client Impact

The following client impact case studies and white-papers are available for review, on request:

  • Global market positioning roadmap for an electric bike manufacturer
  • Fleet holding cost spreadsheet model and decision data visual dashboard (Fortune 500 firm)
  • UK and European expansion roadmap for a co-working space software provider
  • Business model analysis, validation and market penetration roadmap for a backpack traveller solutions provider
  • Fleet battery optimisation solution for electric vehicles
  • Automotive residual value forecast prediction model (Fortune 500 firm)
  • Digital product feature design for Hybrid electric vehicles (Fortune 500 firm)
  • Six Sigma DMAIC improvement project for emissions reduction (Fortune 500 firm)
  • And more...

Case Studies - Step8up Strategy