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Skills Bootcamps in Coding with Job Placement

Funded by the UK Gov and with Hampshire Council

Weekly Business Growth Club

Online weekly club with free trial to grow in 3 directions with accountability: business, founder and life growth

Working Business Plans for you

Walk away with a business plan that is actionable and comes with a money back guarantee

Teaching Computing in Schools

Elevating the level of computing in schools - through curriculum, after school clubs and holiday clubs

Navigating the Early Stages: Strategy for Small Business Growth

Discover essential strategies for effectively navigating the early stages of your small business's growth and development.

Investor-Ready: Preparing Your Small Business for Funding

Explore the steps and strategies required to make your small business an attractive prospect for potential investors.

Business Growth


Skills Bootcamps


Jam Coding Franchisee
Business Plans
Team members
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The Step8Up Academy

Project Program Management Change Management
‌Skills Bootcamps ‌Employer Partnerships
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 ‌Business Development‌Capital Raise Readiness
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We maintain professional relationships with a network of employers across the UK who need their team members trained, UpSkilled, or have open jobs. Contact us today to know more.


Project Management Training

Agile, PRINCE2, Change Management, Program Management.

PM Course Details

Business Improvement Training

Process improvement, Six Sigma, Turnaround management, PPT: People, Process, Tools, Kaizen, Profit Improvement, Customer Success. SME Guidance, Capital Raise Readiness

Biz Improvement Course

Coding Training

19+ UpSkilling, Job-tailored, Flexible online and in-person, introductions to recruitment. Real-life projects. 

Coding Course Details

Data Analytics Training

End-to-end data analytics training with real life projects and assessments. Advanced Excel, Power BI and Tableau.

Cyber Training

Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Essentials (with our partner company)

Money Mental Business Growth

Accelerate in Business & Life

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Entrepreneurs for positive change.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Your 1st strategy in 30 min

Pre-series A Capital Raise

We are a partner of Prime Advantage Capital Partners, London and work with 4 active investor networks across the globe. Founders come to us for the money and stay with us for the experience and advice. We are business advisors and investors to take you to the next fund raise. (We do NOT provide financial advice.)

Jam Coding Hampshire NW

Step8Up Ltd have invested in and run the Hampshire Northwest franchisee of Jam Coding . In the last 12 months, we have engaged 400 children in 15 schools, 5 holiday camps, supported children on free school meals - we teach them coding, animation, e-safety and more in a playful learning environment. 

Coding Clubs in Schools

Business Consulting & PM

We undertake outside IR35 program and project management consulting assignments. 
‌For small businesses, we create strategic roadmaps and help them implements steps to reach their first million in profits (not just revenue). 

Money Mental Growth Club

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with the Money Mental Business Growth Club, where we focus on three core areas: founder development, business expansion, and life growth. Join our weekly sessions tailored to your needs, whether in group settings, one-on-one coaching, or dynamic workshops. Enjoy lifetime access to our resources and enhance your progress with our habit tracker app. Empower yourself, scale your business, and enrich your life with continuous support and expert guidance.

Money Mental Growth Club