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Step8Up. Strategy in action.

From slides to revenue

Strategy Workshop

Strategy Implementation

We create and implement strategy for growing businesses.

Creating Competitive Advantage Through People, Data, and Tech.

Training to consulting to execution.

Mastering the Pitch: How to Impress Investors

Discover the art of creating an impressive pitch that captures the attention of investors and secures funding.

Navigating the Early Stages: Strategy for Small Business Growth

Discover essential strategies for effectively navigating the early stages of your small business's growth and development.

Conflict Resolution in SMEs: Navigating Challenges Gracefully

Learn strategies to address and resolve conflicts constructively to maintain a harmonious work environment within SMEs.

Investor-Ready: Preparing Your Small Business for Funding

Explore the steps and strategies required to make your small business an attractive prospect for potential investors.

Managing Remote Work and Mental Health in SMEs

Explore the unique challenges of remote work and provide strategies for maintaining mental health while working remotely.

Self-Care and Mental Well-being for SME Entrepreneurs

We provide SME entrepreneurs with tools for self-care and maintaining their mental well-being while managing their businesses.

Our work.

Business Consulting

Roadmap to your first 1M as a business. Increase revenues and profits in alignment with your vision.

Pre Series-A Capital Raise

We partner with Prime Advantage Capital Partners London to provide business advice to startups raising capital in the UK, EU and India.  Further details below.

Program and Project Management

End-to-end program and project management, focusing on operations, planning and strategic implementation with PRINCE2.

EdTech Coding Franchisee

Step8Up owns and runs the Hampshire North-west franchisee of Jam Coding UK. We teach coding, gaming, animations and other digital skills to children in schools. See below for our latest coding camps and schools! 

Web Dev & Data Science

A talented and flexible team to develop your MVP as well as scale-up tech as you implement business strategy or raise capital for the same. Deep experience in data science.

Mental Wellbeing Workshops

CBT-based workshops supported by Entrepreneurial models, delivered online and in-person, individually and in groups.
‌We focus on general anxiety and emotional regulation because this is where people do DIY fixes, NHS is busy to see you, and yet the highest prevention can take place.  Mindly Wellbeing UK

Founders Consulted
Team members
Investor Networks Globally

Entrepreneurs for positive change.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Your 1st strategy in 30 min

Pre-series A Capital Raise

We are a partner of Prime Advantage Capital Partners, London and work with 4 active investor networks across the globe. Founders come to us for the money and stay with us for the experience and advice. We are business advisors and investors to take you to the next fund raise. (We are FCA regulated through our partners and do not provide financial advice.)

Jam Coding Hampshire NW

Step8Up Ltd have invested in and run the Hampshire Northwest franchisee of Jam Coding . In the last 12 months, we have engaged 400 children in 15 schools, 5 holiday camps, supported children on free school meals - we teach them coding, animation, e-safety and more in a playful learning environment. 

Latest Clubs & Updates

Business Consulting & PM

We undertake outside IR35 program and project management consulting assignments. 
‌For small businesses, we create strategic roadmaps and help them implements steps to reach their first million in profits (not just revenue). 

Mental Wellbeing Workshops

We conduct talking workshops and individual sessions to understand emotions and mental health, and connect this with a business case and program manage it. 
‌We talk about things you don't want to talk about, but still want to talk about - its confusing and we make it simple. No stigma. 
We help founders and investors who show a strong front and yet, life happens to all of us.  Let's talk.

Mindly Wellbeing UK