Founders and their teams have benefitted from upgrading their people & soft skills. While tech remains a key differentiator, as you grow, as you negotiate, and even to understand your customer with empathy, you need to sharpen your people and soft skills, and measure the resutls.

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Solopreneurs work in a relatively higher risk environment than teams. Glacial speed of work is important - slow yet powerful. Honing your people skills takes you to the next level of customer and investor engagement, while keeping you mentally fit.

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The fire in you is still burning. Yes, there are delays and distractions. Yet now is the time to change gear. People skills, self awareness and measured baby-steps are going to create miracles. Let's start the engine.

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Investor Networks

Value we provide

Investor Pitch Readiness

We have a strong network of angel investors (range between £100k through £10m). We help startups get ready before we introduce them to our investors.


Negotiation for Entrepreneurs

How do you ensure you negotiate as equals with experienced investors & ambitious team members? We have some exercises to try on with role-play and measurements. They have been tried and tested - they work.


Emotional Diversity

Are you surrounded by yes-people and/or clones of Sheldon Cooper? How do you or a team member deal with delays, delegation and dejection? Yes this can be learned and measured.


Soft Skills Strengthened

Where do your strengths lie? Where are your weaknesses? Are they too obvious? Do others agree with you on what your strengths are? How do you know?


Disagreement management

Disagreeing is a courageous act. Is it helping your company move faster? How can you disagree better?


More Programs

We have an entire suite of programs available, starting from free programs. For the new and the experienced. And all of these have been tested in real life.


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