5 powerful benefits of my personal cheerleader

Our most powerful teammate against our inner critic

Our inner personal cheerleader is our first friend. It is our best friend. Unconditionally.

Like our inner critic, this voice is formed from the past memories that we chose to keep.

However, this voice plays for our team.

The voice in our head that criticises us in general is not our own voice. We learned about it in the other articles and videos.

Our personal cheerleader is our first, closest and unconditional best friend.

If you already have a best friend (or many best friends) in the external world, you are very lucky and blessed. Many people do not have a real best friend. We all need at least one for sure. For the times and the not so good times.

If you know this kind voice, wonderful.

If you don’t, we need to take it out of its hiding, take it out of the loud criticism around us (and within us), and nurture this voice. We have to learn how to recognise it and develop it.

Our personal cheerleader keeps track of all our successes, attempts at successes, and even failures, yet without any harsh judgement nor complacence, it stays by our side to be with us, show us our strengths and

We will be looking at the following three items in separate articles, starting with this one:

  • 5 powerful ‘benefits’ of my personal cheerleader
  • 5 critical ‘qualities’ of my personal cheerleader
  • 5 things to do to ‘keep’ your personal cheerleader

Makes you smiles, for no reason and with reason

There are times that you have smiled for the silliest of reasons. You have smiled inside you even when the outside was critical or judgmental of you.

There are times that you have smiled even after a long cry.

Whether it is a child or a flower or shower or a sunrise, you have smiled.

Your inner cheerleader brings you back those memories, small and big, faint and deeply impressioned.

You smile.

You gather the smallest effort for a privately imagined smile. You burst out with pompous joy if you want to.

It feels effortless with this best friend.

You can summon this friend, within you. And smile.

No judgement nor complacence when praises or criticises

This defines a friendship. There is no judgment nor complacence — it is what it is.

A good friend does not give you false praise. Nor false criticism.

Your inner cheerleader shows you things as they are.

They pick up the smallest of achievements which would have been scoffed upon and ignored by your inner critic.

They keep a gallery of what you have done right.

They showcase this gallery at the slightest hurt — not to give you false hope but to give you the energy to pull up your socks and keep going forward in your journey.

They know what you have been through.

They do not have the perception biases of the external audience, an audience who doesn’t know your full story and yet is quick to give a judgment. This itself makes you feel safe.

You feel safe with your own inner cheerleader.

Helps you grow, and lifts you up

This is the very definition of an inner cheerleader — to cheer you up and lift you up when you are down.

This is not an illusory cheer. This is not a cheer given out of false pretence.

This cheer is a recognition of your self worth.

When things do go in your favour, your inner cheerleader does recognise where you need to grow. It shows you what is lacking, not with blame but with direction.

Your inner cheerleader is a true version of a ‘friendly critic’.

This criticism is different from those that come from your competition, your family, your school, workplace or any other. This criticism does not make you feel small.

It shows you an emptiness that you can grow into to fill up — you feel good with such feedback, you value it, and you wished it came earlier to you in your journey.

Listens and remains unconditional

I am here with you.

This is the core message from your inner cheerleader. Just by being there, we feel a support that is not available from the closest of external people that we have in our life.

Our inner cheerleader listens to us in the truest form of unconditional love. It just is.

It is hard to compete with unconditional love.

You create your inner cheerleader by combining all the voices of support, love and friendship that you have received. You drown the inner critic’s voice and increase the volume of the voice of your inner cheerleader.

Being unconditional with you, your inner cheerleader makes you feel safer to be yourself — part of your brain is not worried about who will think what of you and helps you remain in a relaxed state to grow to the next stage in your journey.

You realise these more during difficult times than happier ones — you need this unconditionality during difficult times.

Is fun to be with

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What use is a friend without fun to share with?

You feel loved, you feel supported, and you feel the fun when you are with your inner personal cheerleader.

Your inner personal cheerleader is not an illusion you create but a real voice inside you that helps you drown the voice of your inner critic.

It shows you the lighter sides of stranger situations. It makes you chuckle with ‘How could this…’ instead of being a victim with ‘How could this…’.

Being in a lighter mood makes it easier to see a different perspective to every situation.

The fun removes the barriers to creative thinking. You get innovative about solving difficult situations and of course celebrate the successes.

If you are not having a bit of fun, is it really worth doing anything?

The fun helps create new memories that fill up your emotional bank with positives and supporting feelings.

The fun creates memories that help erase, correct and grow out of the negative memories. The fun makes you stronger.

Tomorrow and the day after, we will see the following two points:

  • 5 critical ‘qualities’ of my personal cheerleader
  • 5 things to do to ‘keep’ your personal cheerleader

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