6 Hidden Reasons Why We Feel Stuck in Life : Intro

My friend (let’s call him Jim) and I met up after 15 years with two other friends – there was nostalgia, happy moments and beautiful memories to share. 15 years is a bit too long. We have done the standard parts involved in growing up – had some good jobs, had families and so on.

As we we walking out, promising to catch up again much sooner than another 15 years, I saw Jim looking a bit lost. We asked him if all is well. And we simply had to pause when he said, “Yaar*, we did get some things done in life. However, thinking of some of the real dreams I had, even when I remembered them every few months or years, I am still stuck with life…. and time is flying by”

(*Yaar is an expression in colloquial Hindi used while addressing close friends).

Well, we (and you too) can come up with a bunch of reasons to count our blessings, what he said had an enormous amount of truth that some of us do not even have the courage to admit.

Today, we can get amazing steps that work like a formula and can take up from A to B – whatever our goals are. Why do we still feel stuck in life?

Is it really true that we know these reasons and still remain stuck in life? Are they hidden?


Life has a purpose and growth is a symptom of life. Let’s come back to that point once we see all 6 reasons and you have had a go at the workbooks.

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Jeev Sahoo

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