Case Studies

Automotive IT team with suboptimal results

Trend of suboptimal delivery with COO leaving the firm – Step8Up worked alongside the COO with culture assessment and newer drivers to release potential human resistance and management communication leading to project recovery and new opportunities. 

Sales team struggling over missed targets

3 quarters of missed targets while competition thrived  – potential loss of client – Step8Up carried out a culture assessment, improvement management communication, correlated with org KPI and supported Team to come back to target, retain a major client and continue a new project too in 3 months. 

Direction for mid-career management executive

Mid-career management executive feeling directionless – Step8Up delivered “Lasting Change in 3 Months” and leading to measurable improvement in career and health (verified by doctors). We have repeated this across the world within two virtual workshops and a 3 month support program. 

More Case Studies

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