Dreaming big for…

“Somewhere, buried deep within each of us, is a call to purpose. It’s not always rational, not always clearly delineated, and sometimes even seemingly absurd, but the knowing is there. There’s a silent something within that intends you to express yourself. That something is your soul telling you to listen and connect through love, kindness, and receptivity to the power of intention. That silent inner knowing will never leave you alone. You may try to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist, but in honest, alone moments of contemplative communion with yourself, you sense the emptiness waiting for you to fill it with your music. It wants you to take the risks involved, and to ignore your ego and the egos of others who tell you that an easier, safer, or more secure path is best for you.” This part is the quote.

When we start drawing a portrait say on the streets of Paris or London by a person doing this as a living, painting tourists’ pencil sketches, the first few seconds look just unrelated lines on a paper.  Nowhere like us. Slowly coherence comes out from seemingly unrelated lines.  The person drawing us keeps on drawing the lines and in 10 -15 mins there is a picture of us that shows up. A big goal is just that I think. The first few months and years are incoherent and strange. There is a goal and not everyone sees the ‘picture’ yet. When we go on with our actions, things start becoming clearer and clearer.

Thanks for being there, at times in spite of.

We need to dream big for our children. We need to show them how big the planet is, and how wonderful are the things when we look at them from a child’s eyes. From eyes that just see without restriction. From eyes that know that we are always taken care of by an invisible and powerful divine force that created the same universe even if sometime we know this force, sometimes we don’t. It shows up as faith, or gratitude or kindness and more. The child looks at the world and smiles.

Maslow mentioned that if we study illness, we will be good at preventing it. However if we study good health, we will be good at getting the good health and illness becomes relatively secondary. He wanted people to study happiness and good dreams so that we get the goodness. That way we will be looking at how good life is and not just preventing unhappy moments. Preventing illness is like playing not to lose while aiming for health is like playing to win – a subtle shift.
When we shift this, is like the first few lines when making a portrait. The first few lines look just lines. As we keep going towards the goals and dreams, the happy picture shows up.

The world needs to have all sorts of opinions which we all live by and this is the great part about being together. It’s a great mix. Everyone is right in their own journeys, their own paths.

And as parents we already know that we have additional journeys for our precious children – perhaps they can make a habit of resilience and playing to win at life with their own definitions of win.

My intention is not to dump a bunch of deep-sounding words one-way. My intention is not to give gyan. I may not be right to do so.  Consider this an alternative opinion amongst various opinions and all are acceptable.

My intention is simply to show and even implement a bigger dream, for our children and perhaps for ourselves too and I accept that everyone is already on their own journey in their own correct way.

Let our kids’ lives be a mix of abundant, healthy, resilient and fun moments. My deepest thanks for being there. Feeling grateful. Thank you.

Jeev Sahoo

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