How did I add more meaning to my runs?

Consulting for cupcakes

While some of my cupcakes are real yummy, I have been doing something more recently to give you value while targeting my fundraising for mental health. I am running my first marathon in May 2018 and have registered for the next one too. There is a larger goal while creating opportunities for those who are relentlessly working to do something about mental health – something positive and not based on mere pity.

I am giving focused consulting time for 45 mins per £50 donated by you to this cause. 100% of your money goes directly to the charity. When you complete your donation, I will reach out to you and we will book a slot. You can also leave your details in the form below.

I will ensure you will be 4x closer to at least one of your goals after this consulting session.

Everyone gets a copy of the clarity tool – “The Power of Clarity” – just for reading this message!

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Gathering Strength

"I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness."

While I had my reasons to run, I also had my excuses to not run. Some days the reasons were good enough. Some other days, the excuses were.

Being closely associated with a charity doing real caring and professional work for individuals with mental health challenges and learning disabilities, I decided to add more meaning to my run by raising funds for them.

I have decided to dedicate every step of my run, including each training day, to the cause of raising funds for adult mental health.


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Jeev Sahoo

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