Imagination vs Will Power

We have been taught since our childhood to have will power in order to overcome obstacles in reaching our goals. Most of us. While we have not been trained much in how to manage our imagination.

It is a well-known fact supported by many studies around the world that in a conflict between imagination and will power, imagination always wins.

When we are building our will power, it is like building a reservoir or energy for use when the need comes. Like a reservoir, this energy is depleted every time we need to use it. Especially when making micro decisions that unknowingly are sapping away all our energies.

In contrast, we do not need as much energy consumption in imagining things, especially things that can go wrong. If I ask you to imagine a train wreck, you will not spend much energy Рperhaps the daily news has already built your imagination repository Рyou just pick an image of a train wreck and there we go. If I had to ask you to imagine a child talking with her mom with love, it may take a bit more energy but still is easier. For larger goals, imagining completing a run is easier than the actual will power needed to complete the run.

So the trick now is to use your imagination to your advantage and fuel your actions towards what you need to achieve. Let us not rely on just will power – imagination is easier. Let us imagine the success first and be energised – that increases our will power automatically!

What are your thoughts?


Jeev Sahoo

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