Is This Your Last Job?

Do we act efficiently in the moment NOW as it was our last or it was our own? #YogiSpeaks#Step8up Video below

How many of us are not functioning efficiently in the “NOW”? At work if you’re  working, at business if you are running a business, or in the corporation if you’re an executive, are we just getting the job done as it was our last or are we paying attention as it was for ourselves. I would like to share a story about a carpenter who wanted to retire having worked for 35yrs. He told his boss that he would like to spend more time with his family and friends. The boss asked, if the carpenter could do the last project. Reluctantly the carpenter agreed to do the last job. However in that project carpenter’s heart was not in it as he/she wanted to finish it as quickly as possible and look forward to the retirement. He/she didn’t care about the kind of materials were used and the design was simply ordinary. When finished, the carpenter went to the boss and said here it is done and now I am leaving to which boss said please wait a minute sit down I would like to thank you for your 35yrs contribution to my business and therefore I would like to give you a parting gift. The carpenter got excited. The boss open the drawer of his desk and took out the keys and gave it to carpenter saying, the last building that we have finished is yours to keep. Half smiling carpenter thought “IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN…….”



Is This Your Last Job?#YogiSpeaks

Is this your last Job? #Step8Up #YogiSpeaks 🙂

Posted by Step8Up on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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