5 Steps to Re-Invent Yourself
Is there a structured way to re-invent yourself?
Structured videos explained to take you to your next level of goals
Start with why, go on to plan, finance and guidance
How do you sustain success?
Each video is around 5 minutes in duration
Reflect on what has worked and what hasn't
Free further support available on request
6 Hidden Reasons why you feel stuck in life
6 hidden reasons that we choose to ignore
6 simple yet powerful workbooks to take you out of those reasons
Can there be fear of success? How to focus?
What is an illusion of commitment?
Is your prison really beautiful?
What pulls you?
What is the story you are telling yourself?
How do you live a life of purpose?
Extensive support with the tools/workbooks - free to download for life
Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied
A Wise Couple's Guide to Relationships
What makes a great relationship?
9 concepts with powerful yet easy workbooks for life
Tips from real life - not fashion magazines
Why clean up skeletons
Understand the power of surprises
Were you really trying to help?
What principles work in practical life? For life?
Use corporate style meetings - Why? How?
How to use silence to both your advantage?
What is the best place in the world? Within a hug
How do you use words?
Impact of corrections
And much more!
Money-back guarantee if unsatisfied