Automotive IT team with suboptimal results

Trend of suboptimal delivery with COO leaving the firm – Step8Up worked alongside the COO with culture assessment and newer drivers to release potential human resistance and management communication leading to project recovery and new opportunities. Speak to us for more details.

Sales team struggling over missed targets

3 quarters of missed targets while competition thrived  – potential loss of client – Step8Up carried out a culture assessment, improvement management communication, correlated with org KPI and supported Team to come back to target, retain a major client and continue a new project too in 3 months. Talk to us to know more.

Direction for mid-career management executive

Mid-career management executive feeling directionless – Step8Up delivered “Lasting Change in 3 Months” and leading to measurable improvement in career and health (verified by doctors). We have repeated this across the world within two virtual workshops and a 3 month support program. Talk to us to understand how.



5 Factors for a Positive Employee Experience

What creates the greatest positive experience as an employee? Here are 5 factors as a short string of videos with explanation and credits.

Introverts and Negotiation

Introverts and #Negotiation Tips – don’t use shyness as an excuse of introvert – they are entirely #different. Read more!

Increase ‘Drive’ in your Team

A practical workbook to increase the drive in your team. Free to download and use.

Trick to instantly flip from negative to positive

Stop the story you tell yourself every time you feel a negative emotion. That saves you from the spiral of failure.


4 Ds of Emotional Intelligence

Want to become an expert in emotional intelligence? Or, are you already one!? Simplified explanations for the 4 main dimensions for Emotional Intelligence using the example of traffic!

Decisions for Leaders

Every person is a boss. At some level. Bosses, managers, leaders – they all differ in degrees and characteristics, while they all deal with one thing in common – decisions. Especially the tougher ones. Whether you are a self-leader (leader of your own self) or a team leader, leading an organisation (any size), you need to take decisions, align the decisions with the rest of the organisation and drive the organisation to the next level.

We work together with decision makers to provide clarity, validation, roadmaps and focused alignment to ensure they are not just on the right strategy, the achieve their goals to the fullest. This is measured and benchmarked with valuable data available on the human behavioural aspects.

Teams & Organisations

“I am unable to hire the ‘right’ people because the right ones are not affordable – and the affordable ones are not right! What are my options? What if my team learned the way I do?” – asked an eager entrepreneur. And she came to Step8Up for the answers.

What would “team emotional intelligence” mean to you and your team? How would smoother alignment speed up your organisational achievements? How do we amplify the human in the team and the organism in the organisation towards sustained growth? For all such answers, let’s talk today!