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Why? The End Goal for You

Envision being clear in your priorities within 24 hours. And then, every day.

Picture knowing your why, and to wake up with enthusiasm. Every day.

Sense having a clear direction and drive, within 2 working sessions. And then, every day.

Experience achieving every goal 4 times faster and with balance & measurement. Supported by facts.

Consider having access to scientific advice and tools. Every day.

Understand knowing how to fish instead of waiting to get a fish. For Life.

Ensure someone walking your journey with you. Every day.

Benefit from someone there to support you when you slip. Every day.

Experience creating change that lasts, with growth and resilience. Lasting Change.

What is your BS? (Belief System)

As an individual, your stories shape your reality. The stories that you have accepted consciously, and sub-consciously. Every story is powerful in some way and create a system of beliefs – you work with that framework of beliefs.

We firmly believe in a borderless world; the entire world as one family; and that the biggest borders are in our perspective.

We also believe that, everyone has the innate ability to overcome these borders and that too, very fast, especially with a co-traveller in their journey. Step8Up enables this, scientifically.

What do you believe about your growth?

Is your BS (Belief System) TM helping you grow?

Create ‘Lasting Change’

Wherever you are in life, you are either going ahead or going back.

The Lasting Change program that we created last year, has now become an instant hit with individuals who have got tired of being stuck in life in some form – whether it be with their priorities, actions, goals, dreams, career levels, personal lives, financials, results and other topics of importance to them.

Done both in-person and/or via live web calls wherever you are located in the world, the program is led by two persons who have failed, learned and succeeded a lot in life. At National and International levels. At work and in personal lives. Globally.

While you can see some of the end-reasons for this program on this page, we invite you to a free demo, online (and live!), and in 30 minutes you can see some real life results including the views from past delegates.

Start the change. Now.

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What the Step8Up team provides is full of passion, actions (not theory) and results – no non-sense approach that made us feel at home with uncertainty – we are confident in facing internal and external challenges, especially with customers.

R Butler Hospitality Management

Clear-cut, to-the-point and powerfully supportive program – I have never seen a better team taking my change so seriously – I achieved my targets before my date – setting the date with a reason stopped my continuous efforts to postpone my own success. Happy to recommend to anyone who is serious enough to change for good.

James S Investment Banker

“The moment from the first presentation this course has had a powerful impact on my life. I’ve been able to improve in all aspects as a person. The fantastic feature of this course also was that for 3 months after the presentation, I had follow up virtual meetings with Yogi & Jeev which helped massively to keep me believing especially at the beginning when everything still seemed so far away and unachievable.

Now since this course has been completed, I’m very much interested to carry on with other programmes that Step8Up have to offer along with their free services that provide much valuable content and will certainly carry feeling the benefits from applying more knowledge gained from the lasting change course in my life and may it be the spark that ignites the flame to my fire of glory.”

Kieran Brennan

I have learned how important of a tool the mind actually is! It has also opened my eyes to how much I procrastinate & how fundamentally crucial it is to have vision with micro steps.


The most empowering aspect of the program was the ongoing interaction with Jeev and Yogi and their invaluable periodical ongoing guidance after the initial program and you felt that they truly cared to help you make a difference in your life and achieve your goals. This also meant that you never felt alone or lost and help was always at hand to keep you on the right path towards making a positive difference to your life and to borrow from their main message, what I now believe will be a truly LONG LASTING CHANGE


Hi Yogi, Thank you for the workshop you kindly provided.  It was very enlightening and refreshing to have a great facilitator who challenges you what and when you get business done.  I would thoroughly recommend Yogi to help you get a clear head and direction of where you need to go!

Nitin Thakrar Managing Director, eLearning Studios