Step8Up Team


“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” #quote

We are a passionate, driven, varied group of individuals with one goal of enabling organisations be resilient using soft skills. We believe in taking small, consistent steps towards a better society through our individual skills amalgamated with the Step8Up vision.

“The World is One Family”

Jeev Sahoo is driven by enabling people to be their best. Starting his career two decades ago as a Mechanical Engineer, he quickly moved to the people side of businesses while retaining his strength for research and innovation. He has worked with IIT Bombay, TVS-Suzuki, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Hertz and specialises in Strategy & Finance (MBA full-time) from HEC Paris (ranked amongst top 5 globally). He featured on National Geographic Netherlands as part of a European competition on solving energy issues for farmers. Throughout his education and working life, he has been exposed to diversity of geographies, languages, cultures, nationalities, and skills. In addition to being a member of the Institute of Directors, Jeev has continued to be an advisor for Startups around the world (, takes Board roles in SMEs (ThreeCs UK) especially charities that ensure a practical difference in the society and who can use complimentary strategic skills that he brings to them.

While being a long-distance runner in his spare time (raising funds for charity), Jeev deeply loves playing with strategy and data, and uses this to transform SME leadership.

Tanzanian born Yogi grew up in India and London as well as lived the dream in Spain, for more than 10 years. He fulfilled his dreams by becoming a stage actor, director and consistently performed to a standing ovation at the Royal National Theatre. This led him to create and develop Tara Arts, the UK’s first Asian theatre company for the performing arts and gave a much-needed voice to the Indian culture.

Not satisfied with the status quo and to support a young growing family, Yogi moved onto his next challenge and became the top salesperson for a national car company. As ambition holds no bounds, Yogi moved to Spain to set up and run a highly successful restaurant business without any knowledge of Spanish or the restaurant/hospitality industry.

Yogi has travelled Read More…

extensively throughout the world including most of UK, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand and Australia appreciating and learning from the diverse culture as well as enjoying authentic cuisine around the world.

Yogi is committed to helping people change. Yogi has a passion to find out whose lives, whose businesses, whose family, whose tribes and whose nation he can transform for the better. Yogi believes you can inform fast, you can educate fast, you can motivate fast, you can inspire fast but you cannot transform fast. On the road less travelled, Yogi, will have you say the thing you don’t want to say, do the things you don’t want to do so that you can be what you always knew yourself to be.

Yogi’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing transformational skills that most people struggle to learn in other contexts and who often do not seek out the opportunity to reconnect with their own truth and purpose.

“I look at organizations beyond borders…”

As a leader with a shared corporate vision, I deliver the ambitions for my employing organization, working in partnership with the key stakeholders in the public, private and social enterprise sectors to achieve regeneration, growth and economic aims, resulting in the delivery of objectives and long term sustainability. As a natural ambassador, I have worked regionally, nationally and internationally leading on strategies and initiatives to enable economic growth, inform economic and regeneration strategy, policy, interventions and initiatives, enable change, identify areas for research and analysis. And lead on trade missions. A confident communicator, both in writing and orally, I am at ease presenting key information to a variety of audiences from differing backgrounds and cultures, resulting in invitations to be a key note speaker at an international level.

” … If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;…” – Rudyard Kipling, “If

Neale gets energised by transforming people who ‘want’ to change – developing people is his passion. When the reasons are big enough, the excuses become smaller, he quotes. Having spent over a decade in the field of personal and professional development through International Business Systems in the 90s, Neale understands the key drivers behind human action, inaction, feelings and resistance. His superpower lies in his words while keeping in view that we interact with the human and not machines. Maintaining client relationships, selling and developing sales teams, convincing believably and not just starting but finishing each start are few of the things he has been recognised for across multiple geographies including the UK and Spain.

“I love numbers…”

As a Masters in Computer Applications and an expert in data science (with a Six Sigma Black Belt), Pallavi has spent the last two decades with the likes of Dell, Tesco, Cisco, Acxiom, Visa, and Dunhumby to name a few with projects varying from predictive modeling, fraud prediction, risk profiling, pattern analysis with RFM segmentation, and machine learning. Pallavi excels with numbers, patterns and story-telling using data science. She has reached top 5% in Kaggle competitions worldwide. Combining data with human aspects of failure and success and connect it with organisational success is a key part of her work.