Why and what about the webinar?

We are a bit of non-conformists. We are doing a series of webinars not just for showcasing what we bring to you, but also to actively engage with you. And the twist here is – there is no sales being pushed in these webinars.

We value engagement and quality content. When you come to talk with us, you are also joining the conversation with a bunch of ‘super minds’ from all across the world. Current audience shows India, Greece, USA, UK and France. I am sure this is an incomplete list as we grow.

We keep asking questions to ourselves – one of them being – will we watch our own webinar with excitement? If we do not get excited by the value the webinar brings, most of our audience will not as well. At the same time, we are not easily excited with simple stuff and go ga-ga with our own praise – that is silly as our audience are quite intelligent and will move on to better sources of knowledge.

So this is indeed a world-class effort. We are providing knowledge that is global, verified, engaging and important for the audience. Join the conversation here!

Jeev Sahoo

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