Will The Machine rule the planet?

If we are going to make machine learning our priority then I suggest that we spent 30% of our learning time on machine learning and 50% of our learning time on MINDSET. – Yogi Bhatt

As we welcome 2018 and say goodbye to January I can’t fail to notice mark change about this year. 2018 is the year of change not only for individuals but for the planet. Was it a coincidence that 31st December 2017 was Sunday signaling DAY END, WEEK END, MONTH END and YEAR END? It was definitely telling us for the new beginning for days, weeks, months and years to come. As and when we will look back in 2030 we will able to see that year 2018 was the crucial year for the change and the new beginning for the humans and the machines. I know there has been exhausting debates about Humans Vs Machines however I would like to focus on humans and machines.

January 2018 C/NET US exhibition was full of home Entertainments, Audios, Games and Computers all having artificial intelligence (AI) in common. In Oct. 2017 we also saw Sophia, the first robot having more than 62 facial expressions to get a Citizenship for Saudi Arabia and in November she hinted that she would like to start making family. Over a decade ago machines have slowly seeped into human’s everyday life from talking alarm clock, tom-tom, Talking GPS, Siri and Alexia to skype, facetime, whatsup and many more video communications leading us to Smart life with smart home devices, smart TV, smart phone, smart cars and the in the realms of Mixed Reality. Change is a law of life, there is nothing permanent other than change. If we can become comfortable with impermanence and understand it deeply, we would able to develop more equanimity. And only then we would be ready to develop that deeper sense of empathy and compassion for everything around us for our journey into the future. As I write this, once again humans have made another history by launching Falcon Heavy from SpaceX  towards Mars with a roadster (car) on 6th Feb. 2018 from the same place as Apollo 11 half a century ago.

Corporations, companies and the small businesses are signalling us to spend our time machine learning. Artificial intelligence along with mixed reality is verge of making our lives more productive and creative. There is no time for fears and doubts; there is only time for decisions and actions. CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella explains in his book “Hit Refresh” that when you hit refresh button on your page in your browser, not everything on the page get replaced with new content some of the old stuff remains with the new. The journey into the future for the humans with machines is always going to be full of corrections as long as the purpose of the journey is to work towards making our planet a better place. I saw a recent TV advertisement of household chores of hoovering done by the machine, which meant that the man was sitting on the sofa playing video game. One can argue that the manual hoovering around the house had given a person a physical exercise and replacing the work, person would become lazier and less fit. However, humans must see that the time can be spent doing physical exercise with others in natural environment giving fitness and happiness. People in companies and businesses must reflect on who we are, both in our home lives and at work and how do we connect our work persona with our life persona? Tracy Kidder’s, “The soul of a new machine” teaches us that technology or machine is nothing more than collective soul of those who build it.

Technology is fascinating but even more fascinating is the obsession of its designers. If we are going to make machine learning our priority then I suggest that we spent 30% of our learning time on machine learning and 50% of our learning time on MINDSET. Learning about human potential within the transformation, learning about life skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and empathy will give us the power and ability to solve the problems such as diversity and inclusion, gender, race, global warming, inequality and so on everywhere globally. Embracing the transformation wave of technology- artificial intelligence and mixed reality the humans must acquire the role of leadership transcending those borders, boundaries and barriers, uniting under one single shared mission of making this world a better place for future generations. It’s not about doing what is comfortable; it’s about getting outside that comfort zone, overcoming resistance to change and reaching out to do the things that are most important by working together, learning to build on ideas of others and collaborate across boundaries and boarders to bring our mission to fruition. With the help of the machines and mindfulness, humans have to have an idea of what to innovate in the face of fear by anticipating and reacting to uncertainties, willing to take risks and to move quickly when mistakes are made, recognising failures are part of the journey along the way to mastery.

While machines will help solve and eradicate the terminal illnesses giving us the longer longevity, humans must become aware in form of a red flag of the biggest illness of the next decade call “Depression”. Machines will never able to think about its thinking, the attribute unique to humans. Putting empathy at focal point of our innovating life will give us growth mind-set enabling us to look forward to a better world.

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